Monday, September 20, 2010

FreeGate 7.04

There are two versions of FreeGate available, one which includes WINE and the other which does not - if you do not know what WINE is, get the version that includes WINE.

FreeGate 7.04 With WINE:

Download from Rapidshare
Download from Mediafire

FreeGate 7.04 without WINE:

Download from Rapidshare
Download from Mediafire

Files should be able to be downloaded from within China (other locations unknown).

To install simply mount the disk image, then drag the FreeGate file to your applications folder, launch FreeGate, then you will need to set your proxy to I recommend installing Firefox and TorButton to do this automatically.

FreeGate for Mac

Links to the standalone mac apps will be posted shortly, this is simply a packaged version of FreeGate 7.04 with Wine so you can run FreeGate on a Mac and bypass various firewalls.

FreeGate is developed by Dynamic Internet Technology: DIT Website
Wine is available for free from: WineHQ
WineBottler and the Mac version of Wine included in this package are from: Kronenberg
I forget where the Safari Icon came from (sorry)

again, links coming shortly...